What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You?

What Does Your Moon Sign Say About You?

In astrology, the position of the moon in your chart can tell you a lot. It’s influence is second only to the sun.

Your sun sign describes your mind, will, ego or personality; the side of yourself that you present to the world. Your moon sign, on the other hand, is related to your emotions, your instincts, your subconscious. It tells you about your inner world, your emotional needs, the parts of you that are often dark, hidden, even repressed.

Which is exactly why it’s so important to know your moon sign, and learn what it can teach you!

By bringing these hidden parts of yourself to light, you can know yourself, your needs and your nature, more completely. And you can do a much better job of honoring yourself, loving yourself, and making sure that your needs are met!

Start by consulting a chart (or a free website like this one) to determine your moon sign. All you need to know is the day and place you were born. Once you have it, read on to find out what your moon sign says about you!


People with their Moon in Aries are highly energetic, passionate, optimistic and generous. They perform well under pressure, are okay with confrontation and uncomfortable situations. They can also tend to be nervous, high strung, impatient, impulsive, opinionated and domineering.

What you need: change, adventure, novelty; and to deal with problems head on, as soon as they arise.


Those born with the Moon in Taurus are grounded, steady, practical, responsible, and the most emotionally stable of all moon signs. But they can also be stubborn, possessive rigid, overly cautious, set in their ways!

What you need: stability, comfort, security, routine.


The Moon in Gemini makes for witty, charming and creative people; social butterflies with a super-active mind and imagination. The downside is, they can be restless, flighty, disorganized, shallow, or superficial.

What you need: constant stimulation! Go out, be active, meet people, socialize.


Those with their Moon in the sign of Cancer are caring, protective, loyal, romantic, sympathetic, and have a powerful memory and intuition. They also tend to be moody, possessive, critical, nagging, and overly sensitive.

What you need: strong emotional boundaries, security, deep, committed relationships (romantic and otherwise).


If your Moon is in Leo, there’s no doubt that you’re charming, affectionate, creative, fun, a natural leader, you lead with your heart and feel things deeply. On the other hand, you can be vain, self-centered, proud, overbearing.

What you need: attention! All you ask is to be loved and adored by those around you.


The Moon in Virgo makes for a smart, analytical, meticulous, logical, organized, practical and realistic person… who can also be a bit critical, judgmental, over-thinking, even obsessive. These folks are often too emotionally reserved, aloof, hard to reach.

What you need: to be of service, to be useful; this is how you show affection.


The Moon in Virgo confers excellent taste, and an eye for beauty. You are sophisticated, fair, balanced, graceful, adaptable, a born peacemaker. You also tend to be indecisive, dependent on others, and you have a bad habit of putting everyone else before yourself.

What you need: peace and harmony, beauty and elegance; you feel incomplete without a partner.


People with their Moon in Scorpio are ambitious, driven, willful, self-reliant, sensual, seductive, intense, idealistic, imaginative. They can also be brooding, jealous, resentful, secretive, distrustful, manipulative, and overly serious.

What you need: emotional security, commitment, trust, safety, a soul bond.


Those with their Moon in Sagittarius are insightful, adaptable, independent, lucky, optimistic, confident, sincere, open-minded, adventurous… sometimes to a fault. They can be careless, extravagant, restless, noncommittal, even irresponsible.

What you need: space! You must have the freedom to explore, to follow your whims.


If your Moon is in Capricorn, you are one of the most disciplined, practical, reserved, persistent, hard working, and responsible people to be found – anywhere! The downside is, sometimes you come off as cold, solitary and pessimistic. You can easily get lonely, depressed, or hung up on material things.

What you need: security, both in your finances and your relationships. Aclose circle of intimate friends is a must.


Those with the Moon in Aquarius are progressive, idealistic, unique, visionary, unconventional; you love all things strange and unusual. You can also be unpredictable, tactless, overly idealistic, and get your head stuck in the clouds.

What you need: balance, between the head and the heart, freedom and commitment, between the little details and “the big picture.”


People with their Moon in Pisces are romantic, deeply loving and compassionate, sensitive, intuitive, creative, artistic; they also tend to be naïve, indecisive, conflicted, easily confused or led astray.

What you need: lots of alone time, self-care, and a strong spiritual practice to keep you grounded.


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