When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

If you’re even remotely interested in astrology, then you’ve no doubt come across the term “Mercury retrograde” before – most likely explaining why something went horribly wrong. You’ve probably wondered, “What exactly does it mean? And why does it make people go nuts?

Let’s take a closer look at this dreaded phenomenon, how it happens, and what effect it has in your life and in your world.

Retrograde Motion

Retrograde motion simply means “moving backwards.”

Now, the planet Mercury doesn’t really stop and reverse it’s orbit around the sun, of course. It just looks like it, from our point of view here on Earth.

You can think of retrograde motion as an optical illusion that happens whenever a planet with a faster orbit overtakes a slower one. As the two planets draw near each other, an observer on one planet seems to see the other planet switch direction, and trace out an S-shape in the sky.

Like so:

retrograde motion

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the smallest planet, and the closest to the sun. For this reason, it also has the quickest orbit of any planet in the solar system – it takes about 88 Earth days for Mercury to complete one trip around the sun.

Mercury is named after the ancient Roman god of commerce, communication, travel and luck. Thus, astrologically speaking, the planet is said to rule over those same qualities. And when it moves backward, it’s influence is reversed – hindering communication, causing travel delays and other misfortunes.

This happens 3 or 4 times every year, and the effects will differ slightly depending on which of the astrological houses the planet is passing through at the time. But generally speaking, whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it’s a time of confusion, misunderstandings, accidents, and all around bad luck.

During these episodes, you might notice people stressed out and acting strangely; you might get into arguments over nothing. It’s a bad time to make big purchases, big decisions, or to sign contracts or enter important agreements. People tend to change there minds suddenly; buses, trains and flights tend to be delayed, reservations canceled – and don’t be surprised if your gadgets go on the fritz!

But don’t panic. The best way to deal with Mercury retrograde is to stay calm and be mindful.

Pay close attention to what others say, but don’t take it personally. Take time to carefully consider any agreements, and read the fine print of any contract. Double check flight times, driving directions and travel arrangements, and make sure you have all your documents in order.

And be sure to back up the data on your hard drive!

Besides, it’s not all bad. This is a great time to slow down, to pause and reflect, to revisit the past, learn from your mistakes, and tie up loose ends. When Mercury goes retrograde, we are able to see things in a new light. It shows us how we react when things aren’t perfect, and reveals to us those areas of lives and our personality that could still use a little work.

Like all aspects of astrology, it offers us a powerful opportunity to know ourselves on a deeper level – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.



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