Images of Love

Images of Love

So much has been said about Love…every day, more songs, more poetry, more art is dedicated to trying to express the ineffable power that love seems to have over us.

When we fall in love, our hearts burst open with endless and infinite possibilities…suddenly we feel capable of conquering the world with love at our side. In fact, it is said, that love…more than anything else…is what human beings hunger for the most. And it is love, upon our death, that we care the most about. Studies have shown that the dying regret most the times they didn’t let love in, or didn’t let love out…not how much money they did or didn’t make, or what they did or didn’t accomplish, but how much love they had and gave.

The Beatles sang, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make,” and “All you need is love…” So, if love turns out to be the most important thing in the end, how do we keep ourselves attuned to love in the busy, technology-overrun stuff of our everyday lives?

Perhaps it’s as simple as putting our hands on our hearts for a moment during the day…taking a deep breath in…and remembering what matters. Perhaps it’s taking the time to look at an image of a cherished loved one, a favorite deity, or a piece of art, or listening to a piece of music that opens your heart.

It seems critical, if love is what matters most at the end of the day, that we find daily ways to open our hearts, to stay connected to that which we love, and to generously give that love away as often and as widely as we possibly can.

Love Heart Flower Necklace - Heart Jewelry

– Love Heart Flower Necklace – Heart Jewelry, $60.00


black ceramic Coffee mug

– Black ceramic coffee mug with pure gold heart, $52.00


Tree of Life Heart Metal Wall Art

– Tree of Life Heart Metal Wall Art, $250.00 


Original Verner Panton Heart Chair

– Original Verner Panton Heart Chair, $5550.00


FLOWERS and HEARTS - embossing rolling pin

– FLOWERS and HEARTS – embossing rolling pin, $34.31



Map Heart Art $96



Hearts Photography Abstract Canvas Art, $70



Helen Keller Quote On Glass Heart, $55



Black Engraved Wedding Cake Knife and Serving Set – Two Hearts, $55



Heart Wall Art, $65



Heart Measuring Spoons – Hand Cast Pewter, $48



Wedding Guest Book, $73.31

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