Are Gods and Goddesses Alive Today?

Are Gods and Goddesses Alive Today?

Gods and Goddesses were not just for ancient times. Have you ever wondered how, and if, the ancient Gods are alive and well now?

Consider for a moment that in the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, from ancient Greece through Rome to India, that the Gods and Goddesses are still very much alive and present in you and in your life today. When we begin to perceive ourselves as expressions of the archetypes that the various Gods and Goddesses carried, we can see them everywhere in our modern world.

For example, have you ever experienced yourself as embodying Aphrodite, Eros or Dionysus when in love…the free expression of revelry, lust, sexuality, play, and passion? These would be the realms within which these Gods and Goddesses might come alive and be expressed in your life today.

What about the queen of the Greek Goddesses, Hera, who tends to the family life of home and hearth? How might that Goddess be alive in your life? Or Ares, the Greek God of War? Perhaps he is the archetypal force who carries you out into your day to slay whatever dragons might await you. How about the Roman God Apollo, who presides over the realms of poetry and music? How is the Apollo muse expressing itself in your life?

We can also look to the Hindu pantheon of Gods and Goddesses as well. For example, how does the Hindu God Ganesha express itself in your life? How does Ganesha’s energy deal with moving through and removing obstacles? Or Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity? How might those energies be active in your life today?

You can begin to see that perceiving our lives as an expression of these greater archetypes can enhance our experience of ourselves. There is a myriad of Gods and Goddesses to explore. Playing with their different energies and qualities can be a fun and deeply rewarding exploration.

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