Ancient Runes as a Tool for Modern Life

Nobody actually knows when exactly Runes were created, but there is some historical evidence that they date back as far as cave writings in prehistoric times.

The word, Rune, comes from the ancient Nordic root, Runa, which meant “secret” or “mystery,” and much of their history seems to originate in mystery itself. One thing seems certain, the use of Runes has always involved ritual and they have always been looked to as an oracle for guidance and consultation.

As such, the use of Runes today can be an invaluable alley in navigating one’s way. With each Rune corresponding to a particular image or symbol, each individual Rune offers wisdom and guidance.

When seeking wisdom from the etheric universe, all one needs to do is, sit in quiet contemplation, form a question in your mind, reach into the bag, and pull out a Rune. Reading the corresponding message associated with your Rune will offer timely, and specific counsel, related to your question. It is often very surprising to new users of the Runes, how specific the answers derived from the Runes can be. Much like throwing an I-Ching reading, or consulting the Tarot, Runes can offer guidance and clarity in these sometimes confusing and troubling times.


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.39.11 PM

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