Altars and Icons the World Over

Altars and Icons the World Over

Why do we fill our homes with altars and icons? Is it just for the aesthetic beauty of the statues or could there possibly be more to it?

Many people these days, especially those privileged to travel to foreign countries, have filled their homes with sacred art, tangkas, statues of deities from different wisdom traditions around the world. These objects can remain as simple beautiful keepsakes from travels abroad, or purchases from a store, but perhaps there is a secret power contained within.

For example, what if a statue of Buddha could actually transmit the wisdom of his teachings such as impermanence, karma, and the interconnectedness of all things. What if, merely glancing upon the image as you walk through your home or work place, could infuse you with a sense of his calm equilibrium.

Imagine that just by contemplating a figurine of Christ on the cross you could awaken into a state of unconditional love and well-being. Or that a statue of Krishna would trigger an overwhelming feeling of devotion and longing.

Such is the power hidden within these sacred icons and objects. You can have them placed throughout your home or workplace and pass by them without utilizing the powers they carry within them, or you can allow them to transmit the energies of the icon themselves. Just by gazing upon them, let Buddha infuse you with mindfulness and peace. Let Christ bathe you in unconditional love and well-being. Let Krishna awaken a longing so fierce, you start whirling around your living room like a love-drenched gopi!




Buddha Statue, 2,562.07



Contemporary Crucifix, $309



Sekhmet Altar Statue – Lioness Goddess, $ 70


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