8 Feng Shui Tips For Beginners

8 Feng Shui Tips For Beginners

Feng Shui is an ancient art form with incredible depth and intricacy. Advanced practitioners are mindful of even the subtlest details of design and décor, and how they affect the flow of energy in the home.

But when you’re new to Feng Shui, the amount of information and the attention to detail can be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve put together this list just for you! Here are 8 quick and easy ways that you can start using Feng Shui, and improving the energy in your home today.

1. Clear Out Clutter

First things first. Start by tidying up your house, and cleaning up any clutter – like stacks of old mail, piles of dirty clothes, coats thrown over the back of a chair, shoes left lying around, etc.

Clutter is always a sign of stagnant energy. Anything that isn’t being used everyday should be put away neatly. Keep your living space clean, open and organized, and you’ll keep the chi flowing easily and naturally.

2. Let In The Light

In Feng Shui, light equals energy. Big surprise, huh? You can boost the energy in any room by letting in more light! Keep your windows clean, and throw open those blinds and curtains. Instead of a single source (like a floor lamp or ceiling fixture), use multiple light sources to create layers of light. The brighter the room, the better, in terms of energy.

3. Add Some Color

Color is another form of light, and you can increase the energy in any room by adding some colorful décor. Flowers, paintings, tapestries, or other works of art can liven up any living space. But be sure to consult the Feng Shui bagua to determine which colors should go where.

4. Don’t Block Your Doors

Make sure that every door – especially your front door, or main entrance – can open up a full 90°. Doors are the main entry point for both people and energy. When a door is blocked (by a coat rack, or a row of shoes, etc.), it is effectively restricting the amount of energy that come in. In Feng Shui, this is believed to detrimental to your prosperity, health and happiness.

5. Face Furniture Toward the Entrance

Having your back to the door or entrance is considered bad Feng Shui. It leaves you vulnerable, unconsciously anxious, and energetically weak. So whenever possible, arrange your furniture – your bed, desk, sofa, favorite chair, all the places you spend the most time – in such a way that you are always facing the door.

6. Keep Your Toilet Lid Down

In Feng Shui, the toilet is considered an “energy drain.” When the lid is left up, the energy of your home – and thus, your prosperity, health and happiness – is slowly going down the drain. Keep that lid down, and keep your chi where it should be.

7. Ban Electronics From The Bedroom

In Feng Shui, it pays to be mindful of all kinds of energy – including the energy from electronic devices. Your TV, computer, laptop, tablet, and even your cell phone, all create a field of electromagnetic energy around them. These devices should be banned from the bedroom, where their energy field can interfere with a deep, restful sleep.

8. Don’t Store Things Under Your Bed

And finally, never put your mattress directly on the floor, and don’t use the area under your bed for storage. Having this open space beneath you is important for a healthy, strong flow of energy throughout the night, so that you awake in the morning feeling rested and resjuvenated.

Try making these changes around your home, and make notes or keep a journal to keep track of how you feel before and after. You’ll be amazed at what a huge difference these little things can make! For more info and further reading, check out our articles on Feng Shui for Love and Abundance.



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