7 Things You Should Have On Your Home Altar

7 Things You Should Have On Your Home Altar

Your home altar is a place for prayer and thanksgiving, for meditation and manifestation, and for healing, rest and inspiration. It serves as the spiritual hub of your home, the centerpiece around which your daily rituals revolve. It’s a constant reminder of what’s most important to you, the values and ideals that guide your life.

But if you don’t have a personal altar already, you might be wondering, “Where do I start? What should I include?

Well, you’re in luck! Here’s a list of the 7 most essential things every altar should have:

1. Candles

Nothing “sets the mood” like candlelight.

Lighting a candle is the perfect way to start any ritual – whether it’s a time of meditation, or simply sending love and good vibes to someone dear to you. No home altar is complete without at least one candle!

2. Incense (or Essential Oils)

Because of the way our brains are wired, our sense of smell is intimately tied to our memory and emotions. Scent has a powerful ability to affect our state of mind, to conjure up specific moods and feelings.

You can use this to your advantage by using incense, essential oils, or other forms of aromatherapy whenever you visit your altar. Use the power of scent to help you relax and

3. Spiritual Icon

Many people adorn their home altar with one or more of the gods & goddesses from around the world. This can be simple decoration, or a token of faith and devotion.

Even if you don’t believe in God, or if your idea of Divinity has no name, image or form, you can still find a spiritual icon which appeals to you. Choose a saint, teacher or spiritual symbol which inspires you, and place it on your altar, front and center. This provides a tangible focus for your prayers or devotions, or a visible reminder of the spiritual ideal that guides your life.

4. Pictures of Your Loved Ones

One of the most common uses of a personal altar is praying for your loved ones, or sending them positive thoughts and intentions. Be sure and adorn your altar with pictures of those closest to you, to keep them always in your thoughts and in your heart.

A powerful tool for those who are grieving is to place a picture of their departed loved one upon their altar, and take time every day to honor their memory and the love they still carry for them.

5. Crystals

Crystals are renowned for their ability to hold, focus and concentrate energy and intention – which makes them a natural addition to your home altar.

Choose a crystal appropriate for your purposes – quartz and amethyst are popular choices. Then place it on your altar and fill it with positive energy! Charge it with your highest thoughts, goals and intentions. This can be a powerful aid for manifestation, and making your dreams a reality.

6. Artwork

Works of art have a powerful ability to touch and inspire us. Paintings, drawings, poems and sculptures are perfect for your altar – either of your own creation, or something you find moving and meaningful. You can use art for inspiration, as an aid to meditation, or just for a pleasing decoration.

You can’t go wrong!

7. Vision Board

Last but least, if you intend to use your altar for manifestation, then a vision board or other visualization tool is a must. Put together a collage of pictures and images that represent your dreams and goals, the life you want to live. Make time each day to look at it, visualize your dreams coming true, feel what it’s like to have it, do it, and be it, here and now.

Alternately, instead of pictures and images you could use more tangible tokens to represent your heart’s desires. For example, a rose might symbolize love and partnership, or a check made out for a million dollars might be a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

These seven essentials are a great start for any home altar. Other suggestions include: scriptures or sacred readings, chimes, bells or singing bowl, elements of nature (stones, feathers, seashells, even bones), prayer beads, or really anything that appeals to you.

It’s your altar, make it your own! Let your spirit guide you to select what feels right, and has deep meaning or you.

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