5 Ways To Be A Mystic In The Digital Age

5 Ways To Be A Mystic In The Digital Age

What does it mean to be a mystic?

According to the dictionary, a mystic is “someone who has direct knowledge of higher spiritual Truth, or direct communion with God, the absolute.” The word often conjures up images of silent monks in coarse brown robes, yogis fasting in a mountain cave, or dervishes dancing and whirling in the desert.

In other words, we tend to think of mystics as being remote, withdrawn, belonging to another time, another world.

But you don’t have to withdraw from the world in order to be spiritual. The direct experience of the Divine is just as accessible to us today, as it ever was in the ancient past. In fact, modern technology gives us tools and advantages that our ancestors never knew.

So you might say that now, more than ever, is the best time to be a mystic! Here are 5 ways that you can connect with the sacred in the digital age:

1. Meditation

Meditation might be the oldest trick in the mystic playbook, and for good reason: because it works.

There are many techniques and methods of meditation, including forms of moving meditation such as yoga and tai chi. Any of them can help you relax and become more present in the moment, more aware of the beauty and the sacredness of life.

2. Get Out In Nature

Nothing makes us feel in tune with the infinite quite like being in the great outdoors. When we’re surrounded by trees and plants and flowers, by the sounds of birdsong, and the buzz and hum of crickets and other insects, we can feel the great life force that flows through everything.

Spending time outside, in green spaces, helps us to remember our place in the universe, and to be in harmony with the rhythms and the cycles of life and Nature.

3. Art & Creativity

What is art but a celebration of the human spirit?

You can connect with a higher, spiritual Source – whether you call it God or the universe, or Spirit, the Muse, whatever – through the creative process. Writing, drawing, painting, dancing, playing music, or making sculptures or other crafts, these are all different ways to express your inner Divinity.

And even if you’re not an artist, you can connect with that higher Source through the artwork of others – by surrounding yourself with paintings, sculptures, music, arts and crafts that make you feel more alive and inspired.

4. Learn

One advantage of modern technology is the wide availability of information in digital form.

Spiritual teachings are no longer kept secret from the masses, given only to a select few disciples in esoteric schools. Now, anyone with an internet connection has free access to this knowledge – and not just from our own culture, but from every spiritual tradition in the world!

So we modern mystics can benefit from all the wisdom that has been passed from former generations. Our spiritual practice is informed by the collective knowledge of all humanity.

5. Connect

Last, but not least, we also benefit from modern technology because it allows to find and communicate with each other. Our sangha, our spiritual community, is no longer limited to those who live nearby. We aren’t separated by geography, distance, national borders.

No matter where we live in the world, we can connect with like-minded people who will walk with us and support us on the spiritual path. And that is truly an invaluable aid to living a spiritual life in a material world, and being a mystic in the digital age.


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