5 Ways Art Can Be A Spiritual Practice

5 Ways Art Can Be A Spiritual Practice

Art can add beauty and meaning to our lives in so many ways. But did you know that it can also enrich our spiritual practice? here are 5 ways Art can be a spiritual practice.

Many of the most profound works of art touch upon timeless spiritual themes: the balance of good and evil, light and darkness; the meaning of life and death; and the transcendent power of love.

The music, paintings, stories, and images that we make can capture these themes in a way that nothing else can. They cut through the dense layer of our intellect, and speak to us through emotion, feeling and intuition. Art is how we communicate soul to soul.

Consider these 5 ways that you can make art a part of your spiritual practice.

1. Creation

Whenever we make art, magic happens. The creative process involves tuning into our inner vision – the imagination, the third eye or psychic theater – and then bringing that vision into manifestation. This is a spiritual process!

Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, as a human being you have an innate longing for creativity. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, it’s a fundamental human need. So find a way to express it! Write, paint, draw, play music, dance, sculpt… whatever comes naturally to you.

What better way to come to know the Creator, than through creation?

2. Inspiration

One of the most important roles that art plays in our spiritual lives is the way it inspires us. A book, painting, drawing or piece of music can uplift us to new heights, and show us new possibilities, new ways of thinking and living.

Certain symbols might inspire in us a sense of calm, of peacefulness, and a sense that, “All is well.” Others can call us out of our comfort zone, to face our fears and limitations, to grow and expand, and explore the farthest reaches of the human spirit in pursuit of the Ideal.

3. Meditation

A piece of art – your own or someone else’s – can be a powerful aid to your meditation practice. A poem or parable, a painting or story can stir up the subconscious, and be the perfect catalyst for deep contemplation, philosophical insights, and ultimately, spiritual awakening.

Keep works of art on display in your meditation space of on your altar. Keep poetry, literature or other reading materials near at hand. Before you close your eyes to meditate, spend some time gazing at a painting and contemplating the emotions it portrays. Or repeat some verses of poetry, and contemplate their deeper meanings.

Let these works of art inspire your meditations, and prepare the way for profound realizations.

4. Celebration

Art is so much more than decoration – it’s a natural outpouring of praise and gratitude for the gift of life, the wonder and vastness of the universe. It’s a celebration of life, beauty, the power of imagination and the creative potential of the human spirit!

Make art, collect art, surround yourself with objects that awaken your sense of gratitude, and remind you of finest and most beautiful things in life. Surround yourself with symbols of joy and sacredness. Make your home a place of celebration!

5. Connection

Art has the power to form deep connections, soul bonds, between us. Or rather, it reminds us of just how connected we already are.

When you listen to music or look at a painting or other artwork, you feel the soul of the artist – you feel the emotions and feelings they poured into their artwork. Likewise, when you give a piece of art as a gift – your own or someone else’s – you are sharing a spiritual experience with them. You’re connecting with them, soul to soul, through shared emotions, shared love and appreciation for art, beauty, passion and creativity.

What could be a perfect gift?



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