Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Mandala003Sacred geometry is the study of the forms and patterns which are the basic building blocks of the universe. It’s the same mathematical relationships and geometric shapes keep recurring at every scale.

Sacred geometry is the belief that these numbers and shapes hold the key to understanding life itself, and the Divine blueprint that underlies everything in the cosmos.

Each one of these symbols contains a wealth of knowledge, and any one of them can be used as an object of meditation and study. Not only are they elegant and beautiful, they can each be thought of as a key that can unlock new realms of understanding – of mathematics, geometry, science and spirituality.


5 Symbols from Sacred Geometry – part 3

You will probably recognize these symbols from sacred geometry – even if you didn’t know that’s what they were!

3. The Flower of Life

sacred flowerOne of the most important and universal symbols of sacred geometry is the Flower of Life.

Made of numerous, evenly-spaced and overlapping circles, this one shape contains many different patterns within it – including the Vesica Pisces, Metatron’s Cube, the Tree of Life, the pattern of embryonic cell division, and many more – and thus it is said to contain all the secrets of the universe.

Here are our recommendations on a few gifts that captures the symbolism of “The Flower of Life”:

The beauty of the universe is all about amazing creatures. This mandala planter is a perfect expression of “The Flower of Life”.

Sacred Geometry Planter

– Mandala Planter $28


This beautiful candle holder is inspired from the flower of life: A gift for yourself to have for the diner with your loved ones… Life is so beautiful as a flower, and the peaceful lights come from our inside love.

Sacred Geometry Candle Holder



– Candle Holder $29












How about a modern wall decor in your room with the flower of life? Help you to calm down and appreciate the power of the nature and the life. Good idea for meditation room decor!

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.06.44 PM

– Flower Of Life Wall Decoration, $13 – $100


How about this beautiful wall decoration as an mirror? Modern style with ancient meaning!

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.13.01 PM

– FLOWER OF LIFE wall decoration silver mirror, $201 – $246


If you have an Altar at home, or if you need an decoration in your office table to remind you of power and peace, you might like this mysterious orgonite pyramid piece with the flower of life:

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.18.07 PM

– FLOWER OF LIFE “The Source of Peace & Power”, $134



– Flower of Life Small Jewelry Box/Gift Box, $85


Bring a sense of uniqueness with an original oriental design. Adding luxurious and beautiful decorative patterns to a creative or contemporary room.

head board









 Natural Carved Bed Board (Flower of Life), $159.99


wall clock









Flower of Life Geometric Clock, $33.90











Mandala Women’s Tank Tops, $20.27











Mystic Flower of Life Gold Plated Pendant, $54


This unique handmade septum for a pierced nose made out of 14 carat solid gold, Inspired by the sacred geometry Flower of life symbol.










Flower of Life 14K Solid Gold Septum











Feathered Third Eye Flower of Life Earrings, $75









Small Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life pendant, $146.65

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