5 Reasons You Should Have An Altar at Home

5 Reasons You Should Have An Altar at Home

An altar can serve many purposes in your home. It can be a place of prayer, or a place for rest and relaxation. It might be used for meditation and quiet reflection, or it might be the place where you go to practice visualizing your goals, and manifesting your dreams into reality.

Or it might just be for decoration, to add some color and liven up the room!

But beyond mere aesthetics, here are the 5 best reason you should have an altar in your home:

1. Relaxation

You personal altar is the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, to rest and reflect on all that’s going on within and around you.

You can make use of candles and incense to help you relax. Or decorate your altar with spiritual symbols that have powerful, subconscious meaning. For instance, just looking at a painting of a beautiful flower, or a statue of the Buddha in meditation, might make you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Over time, the sacred space around your altar becomes charged with this energy, creating a peaceful aura that you can sense and feel. It becomes a quiet sanctuary where you can go to instantly feel more calm and relaxed.

2. Inspiration

Your altar is also a place you go to be inspired, to re-connect with your Source, your higher Self. The word “inspire” literally means “to breath into.” To be inspired is to be breathed into by the Divine, to be filled with Spirit, filled with new life, new energy and ideas.

Your altar is the place you go to be re-charged. It’s where you take your needs, your troubles, your worries and your questions. Lay them upon the altar, and then be still. Be quiet. Listen and wait. The answer, the insight, the inspiration you need will come.

3. Meditation

Speaking of “be still,” the altar is the perfect place for your daily meditation practice.

Remember that the sacred space around your altar takes on the energy of your vibration, and your intention. So the more you practice, the more time you spend in meditation, the more it takes on that quality – and the easier it becomes for you to tune in, and enter that meditative state.

4. Manifestation

Your altar is also the perfect place to put your wish list or your vision board. That way you will see it every day, and spend time charging it up with positive energy, faith and intention.

Visualize the life that want to live, the resources, the people, the experiences you desire. See them coming to you easily and gracefully, in the perfect time and way. Imagine that it’s already yours. Feel what it’s like to have it, do it, and be it, right now. Then let it go. Release it to the universe. Lay those dreams upon your altar with perfect faith and trust that it’s on it’s way to you now.

And get ready to be amazed!

5. Direction

Philosopher Daniel Dennett once said, “The secret of happiness is: find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.” This is the most important function of the altar – it is a tangible reminder of all you have dedicated your life to.

Include pictures, relics, symbols or mementos of the people you hold dear, the goals and causes that you are most passionate about. Everything that is most important to you should be represented there in some way, so that whenever you spend time at your altar, you are reminded of what makes life worth living. You remember your highest aim and purpose.

And you can stay focused, motivated and moving in the right direction.

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